Up-dates 2005  


  2005-12-26 Updated GefStd of NJRF 104.  
  2005-12-26 Errata to Vol 2.  
  2005-12-23 Added location of I JK, Braunschweig-Querum.  
  2005-12-23 Multiple up-dates to Gefechtsstand Bunkers & Facilities.  
  2005-12-20 Errata to Vol 2.  
  2005-12-19 Added foundation for Wassermann M IV.  
  2005-12-13 Updated FuMG recognition guide.  
  2005-12-10 Updated FuMO, recognition guide.  
  2005-12-01 Updated The development in Luftwaffe organization with focus on fighter HQs.  
  2005-12-01 Added Bernhard/Bernadine.  
  2005-11-28 Added Wilde Sau Karte.  
  2005-11-24 Added approach aids at FlH Grove.  
  2005-11-11 Added Radars and carrier pigeons.  
  2005-11-07 Updated Anti Courier Flights Operations.  
  2005-11-04 Added Fliegerführer Lofoten.  
  2005-11-01 Added Jagdunterabschnittsführer Jütland.  
  2005-11-01 Updated Ln-Flugmeldeabteilungen (E) z.b.V.  
  2005-10-15 Added additional information on Göring's Command Train ASIEN.  
  2005-10-14 Added additional information on OKL ROBINSON 4, Strub/Berchtesgaden  
  2005-10-11 Added Flugmeldemess Stellungen in Norway with equipment.  
  2005-10-06 Major up-date to Lw Fighter HQs, Ln-Dienst in Norway and  AFMZs in Norway.  
  2005-10-05 Updated information on AFMZs in Norway.  
  2005-10-03 Updated FlH Grove.  
  2005-10-02 Updated locations of AFMZs in Norway.  
  2005-09-30 Updated drawing of bunker of Zentral Gefechtsstand MINOTAURUS and MEDUSA.  
  2005-09-29 Updated the location of the GefStd of 5.Flg.Div.  
  2005-09-27 Added drawing of bunker of Zentral Gefechtsstand MINOTAURUS and MEDUSA.  
  2005-09-22 Added Adcock Ilskov south of FlH Grove.  
  2005-09-21 Added Kriegsmarine FuMO & FuMB equipped Vessels.  
  2005-09-18 Updated The development in Luftwaffe organization with focus on fighter HQs.  
  2005-09-15 Up-dated locations of Norwegian AFMZs.  
  2005-09-14 Added Brummer and Karl 2 Stelle.  
  2005-09-13 Added mystery foundation at FlH Grove.  
  2005-09-11 Added new page on Flg.Div., Jafü and AFMZs subordinated to Lft. 5 and AFMZ Bodö.  
  2005-09-09 Added location of Lft. 5.  
  2005-09-08 Updated Ln-Dienst Norway.  
  2005-09-06 Added Jafü Italien.  
  2005-09-06 Errata to GINSTER.  
  2005-09-05 Updated Flugmeldemess & Jägerleit Stellungen. (Norway).  
  2005-09-05 Updated Funkaufklärungs and Stör Stelle in Norway.  
  2005-09-02 Updated The development in Luftwaffe organization with focus on fighter HQs.  
  2005-09-01 Updated Flieger Führer Nord (West)/4.  
  2005-08-31 Updated locations of Lft.Reich.  
  2005-08-30 Updated Jafü Schlesien.  
  2005-08-29 Updated Ober Kommando der Luftwaffe  
  2005-08-29 Updated The development in Luftwaffe organization with focus on fighter HQs.  
  2005-08-27 Added Flieger Führer Nord (West)/4.  
  2005-08-26 Updated Jafü Norwegen.  
  2005-08-24 Added List of kills credited to JLOs.  
  2005-08-23 Updated Links.  
  2005-08-23 Added a section on Ringstande.  
  2005-08-22 Updated Flugmeldemess & Jägerleit Stellungen.  
  2005-08-18 Updated The development in Luftwaffe organization with focus on fighter HQs.  
  2005-08-17 Added picture of Reichlage Karte in I JK.  
  2005-08-14 Added Jafü Rumänien.  
  2005-08-12 Added links to organization of Ln.-Rgt. and Ln.-Abt.  
  2005-08-10 Updated Links  
  2005-08-10 Updated FlH Grove.  
  2005-08-09 Added Dayfighter Control.  
  2005-08-09 Updated FlH Grove.  
  2005-08-01 Added a section to bunkers at FlH Grove.  
  2005-07-27 Added position of Ausweich GefStd of 2 JD.  
  2005-07-25 Updated position of GefStd of II JK and Lw.Kdo.West.  
  2005-07-15 Added bunkers at Fliegerhorst Grove.  
  2005-06-29 Added Führer-Flugmeldezentrale.  
  2005-06-28 Added NJRF 104.  
  2005-06-27 Numerous up-dates to Stellungen in the Mediterranean.  
  2005-06-26 Up-dated location of Jafü 5.  Added Flugmeldemess Stellungen in Norway.  
  2005-06-23 Up-dated location of Jafü Ost-Preussen, and added Jafü Bordeaux.  
  2005-06-22 Errata to HERMELIN.  
  2005-06-01 A 4'th Cäsar bunker found in Reims.  
  2005-05-31 Added an Errata page to my 2 books.  
  2005-05-30 Added unidentified complex at Skallingen.  
  2005-05-20 Added Anti Bumerang Gerät Stelle at Plaggenburg.  
  2005-05-18 Added some FuMB-Stelle in Germany.  
  2005-05-12 GefStd Jafü Schlesien.  
  2005-05-12 Added Flugmeldemess Stellungen Poland.  
  2005-05-04 Added a more comprehensive list of Anti-Bumerang Stelle.  
  2005-05-03 Added some FuMB-Stelle in Germany, The Netherlands and France.  
  2005-04-24 Added RV-Stellungen associated with FuMB and FuMS Stellungen.  
  2005-04-18 Site plan for 5 JD.  
  2005-04-18 Updated Site plan for 2 JD.  
  2005-04-15 Pictures of the first GefStd of Lft.Reich, Herold 1.  
  2005-04-13 Site plan for II JK.  
  2005-04-08 Site plan for 2 JD.  
  2005-04-07 Site plans for 1 & 7 JD and Jafü Däne.  
  2005-04-07 3 JD Divisions Dorf.  
  2005-04-04 New pictures of Zentral Gefechtsstand 4 JD Metz :-) and GefStd 5 JD.  
  2005-04-03 Reconstructed layout of Gefechtsstand Bunker Cäsar.  
  2005-04-01 Updated Flugmeldemess & Jägerleit Stellungen in Eastern Europe, Balkans and the Mediterranean.  
  2005-03-29 II JK spring 1945.  
  2005-03-22 Added Flugmeldemess & Jägerleit Stellungen in Eastern Europe, Balkans and the Mediterranean.  
  2005-03-14 Luftwaffe bunkers/facilities.  
  2005-03-13 Luftwaffe GefStds, multiple up-dates.  
  2005-03-12 GefStd of Lft. 3 & IX Flg.Korps.  
  2005-02-27 Zentral Gefechtsstand (Schematic overview).  
  2005-02-25 Jafü Reval/Helsinki.  
  2005-02-25 Gefechtsstand Bunker Cäsar.  
  2005-02-24 Have we found the Type Cäsar bunker?  
  2005-02-23 Added plotting procedures in a JK GefStd.  
  2005-02-22 Added description of trackproduction and plotting procedures.  
  2005-02-16 Nachtjagd des IX. Fliegerkorps.  
  2005-02-14 Anti-Mosquito Operations.  
  2005-02-18 Jagdschloss Splitter Sichrer.  
  2005-02-02 Naxburg and Oboe jamming.  
  2005-01-31 Added organization for Der Funkaufklärungs Dienst.  
  2005-01-28 Funkaufklärungsdienst brevity code.  
  2005-01-27 Updated NJRF (bottom of page).  
  2005-01-26 Updated Mystery bunker at Gouvieux.  
  2005-01-26 Added NJRF 120.  
  2005-01-25 Added map of Jägerleit Stellungen and Fighter HQs in France.  
  2005-01-25 Extensive updates to map of radarstations in France.  
  2005-01-21 Why did 3 JD relocate from Deelen to Duisburg?  
  2005-01-20 Added location of 3'rd GefStd of 1 JD. (Bottom of the page).  
  2005-01-18 Added location of I JK Cäsar 3. (Bottom of the page).  
  2005-01-18 Added Zentral Gefechtsstand (heavy).  
  2005-01-16 Updated the page on Jafü Südfrankreich.  
  2005-01-15 Added panoramic view of Kampf Raum in Zentral Gefechtsstand (light).  
  2005-01-06 Added Zentral Gefechtsstand (light).  
  2005-01-06 Added Lagekarte.  

Up-dates to Luftwaffe Command Facilities.


Added Jafü L 479 bunker.

  2005-01-04 Added drawing of GefStd 5 JD.  
  2005-01-03 Added location of Jafü 4, 5 and Bretagne.