The Luftnachrichten Dienst.

  3 Jagddivision, Deelen, DIOGENES 1 & 2.  
  Callsign for Sprechfunk: PRIMADONNA.  

  Plan of the Divisions Dorf, based on UK intelligence reports and photo interpretation.  Please note the multiple foundations just East of the Zentral Gefechtsstand.  The first GefStd of 1 JD was the T-shaped building at the lower left of the map.  
  The first GefStd of 1.(N)JD/1.JD.  

It has hitherto been a common belief, that the T-shaped building was an experimental test facility, constructed to to develop tactics, techniques and procedures to be utilized in a Zentral Gefechtsstand.  Based on recent information it has now been established, that the building indeed was the operational GefStd of 1 JD.  The shape and size of the building has a striking similarity with the first GefStd of 2 JD in Stade.  I now consider it very likely that the two buildings were very similar.


Some remaining buildings in the Divisions Dorf, © Mr. W. F. Kleijn.


The large bunker DIOGENES 2, built as successor to the T-shaped bulding, author collection.

  The so called communications bunker located SW of the large bunker; approx measurements 5 x 5 m, 4 m high. © DRG/W.F.Kleijn/ www.fliegerhorstdeelen.nl  

   On 17 SEP 1944 at 1900 hours, the Kampfraum was blown up utilizing 2 x 1000 kg and 8 x 500 kg aircraft bombs.  This rendered the facility unusable for the rest of the war.

  Drawing.:  Essentially identical to Gyges.  
  De bunker Diogenes van 3. Jagddivision  

Why did 3 JD relocate from Deelen to Duisburg?

  The German report on the relocation (BAMA RL 8/186).  
  3 JD, Duisburg-Kaiserberg, DIOGENES 3.  
  Location in the FLUKO Duisburg facility.  
  The building of FLUKO Duisburg to-day.  
  3 JD, Wiedenbrück, DIOGENES 4.  
  Location at Restaurant Rosengarten the former Restauration von Heinrich Schalück.  
  Location thanks to Eric Zeppenfeld photos by "FrankieS".  The GefStd was located in a reinforced cellar.