Jamming Service. (Funk(Mess)-Stördienst).







  Jamming of GEE.  
      Based on recently received information I revisited all my sources on this subject.  One of them should have rung a bell 6 month ago.  It's a technical report complied in connection with exercise POST MORTEM.  It lists the stations in Denmark (see below map) and states (in extract abbreviated by author):  
      "The purpose of the jamming was to up-set Allied navigational transmissions. Each Heinrich I could transmit on 20.8 - 79.9 Mhz".  [This was the frequency used by GEE [10.0] Radio Navigation Systems In "Funkstör" by Fritz Trenkle "Heinrich" is explicitly mentioned as a GEE-jammer].  The report continues: "The antennae (sic) are of the wire basket cylinder broad-band type suspended vertically on poles 15 to 20 m. high". This correlates with the below pictures from Odense and Vittrup.  



Antenna for Heinrich GEE-jammer in GEIGE 52, Odense (c) F.G. Tillisch (col. ret'd).


Antenna for Heinrich GEE-jammer in GEIGE 55, Rřnne.  (Author's collection via Bornholm's Museum).



Map depicting location, name and function of Luftwaffe Funk(Mess) Stör Stellungen in Denmark.



The RV-Stellung associated with the Funkstör Stelle in Denmark.



GEIGE 50, the Funkstör Stelle at Grove.

  Stör Kontrol Stelle 13 in Kolding.  The mast on the left seems to mount an antenna similar to that in Vittrup, the mast on the right is the RV-Station.  (Kolding Byhistoriske Arkiv).   GEIGE 62,Vittrup. The mast possibly mounts a Heinrich antenna.  Photo via Torben Thorsen.  

Jamming equipment employed against GEE.

  Feuerhilfe Köthen 50 - 90 Mhz GEE
  Feuerstein Telefunken 20 - 200 Mhz GEE
Feuerzange Siemens 43 - 75 Mhz GEE
  Heinrich I RPZ 20 - 80 Mhz GEE
Heinrich II RPZ 50 - 75 Mhz GEE
  At the end of the war the Luftwaffe had 237 GEE-jammers in 53 Stör-Stelle.  
  Some Stör Sende Stellen in Germany.  
  Victims see: The Wizard War WW2 & The Origins Of Radar .