Part 2, FA and St. Bunkers.  

     It goes without saying that a wooden or at best a brick barrack is not the healthiest place to be during an air attack or during costal bombardment.  During FM E. Rommel's inspection of Denmark in the winter of 1943 he specifically criticized the lack of St. bunkers in costal areas.  The reaction was the initiation of a building program, which also encompassed the Stellungszentrale/Auswertung of the Flugmeldemess Stellungen.  Rommel inspected BÜFFEL and the Felt Marshal actually noted that the Flak and searchlights were in St. bunkers, while the nerve center of the site was in a wooden barrack.    This resulted in the construction of L 487s in BÜFFEL, RINGELNATTER, LAMA, HABICHT, HYÄNE AND SCHAKAL.  None of the inland sites were, however, provided with St. bunkers, but in all Stellungen 1'ord. (LINDWURM, FAUN, SEEHUND and BOCK) the Stellungszentrale/Auswertung was moved to a newly constructed FA building depicted below.  This was built i.a.w. Stahlbeton-Skelettbauweise, a common civilian construction method. Judging from information on foreign WEB-sites this constructions - or one fairly similar - was also used in Stellungen in Germany, The Netherlands and Poland.  In some sites in France the H 43 Baracke was used (bottom of the page). The L 487 was built in the Netherlands at TIGER, ZANDER and BIBER.  One source indicates the construction of one L 487 in Germany possibly in HUMMER at Helgoland.  

3.) Luftwaffenortungsanlage Blaavandshuk.
6 Arbeitsbunker, 2 Mun.Bunker, 2 Scheinwerferbunker, 2 Unterkunftbunker. 130 Mann Lw.Personal, geschützt durch veraltetes Drahthindernis. Ausserdem 7000 Minen vorhanden. Bewaffnung 20 M.G., schwere Waffen fehlen.
Vorhandene Funkgeräte: 1 Funkmessgerät mit 16 km Reichweite, 1 Mammut-Ortungsgerät bis 300 km Reichweite, 2 Geräte zum Führen von Nachtjägern. Nachjagdleitstelle überirdisch in Baracke ohne Bunkeranlage.


FM E. Rommel in BÜFFEL 5 DEC 1943.


The note made by the staff of Rommel in the KTB.  (My underlining).


   FA Stellungszentrale/Auswertung revised SEP 2010  

Wartime lay-out of the facility in LINDWURM.



Pictures from BOCK 2005.  (© Ulrik Schrøder).

  LINDWURM, Fræer 2010.   LINDWURM, Fræer 2010. A view towards the Geräteauswertung and the Filterzentral to the left.  Note the original painting in the ceiling, which gives the outline of the three wing plotting board.  



  L 487.  Found in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark only.  

Type drawing of part of the upper floor.


Cross section.

  The room called the FLUKO Aufnahme in RINGELNATTER.   The Geräteauswertung in RINGELNATTER.  Please note the differences between the photo and the drawing above.  
  The L 487 in HABICHT.  A view from the Führungsraum towards the FLUKO Aufnahme.   The L 487 in HABICHT.  The Geräteauswertung.  
  The L 487 in HABICHT.  The Führungsraum.   The L 487 in HABICHT.  A view down the Seeburg Keller.  

All color pictures by Mr. Mark Stannius.

  3 D model by Mr. Anders Holt Jacobsen   You need Google SketchUp to view it.  
  Part 3, FA and St. Bunkers in France.