Part 3, FA and St. Bunkers in France.  


The H 43.



FuMG Auswertung Baracke H 43.  To the left the ground floor, to the right the basement incl. the Seeburg Keller.  Cf. Hoffmann II/1 pp. 413 - 415.


The H 43 in KORALLE, pictures kindly provided by David Bonnaventure ©.

  Exterior view.  
  View down the main hallway.   View from the room to the right of the Führungs Raum.  
  The Seeburg Keller.  Please note foundation for only one table.  
  The L 479.  


Cross section.




Ground floor.


Lower floor.


The L 479, until further found in Belgium and France only as Stellungszentrale.  This bunker was also used as GefStd for Jafüs.  In this case it was not equipped with Seeburg Tische and hence there were no holes in the upper floor.  Locations of L 479 thanks to the BELFRA Team.

  The bunker.   The Nahkampfscharte.  
  The front.   Remains of the Stby-Generator.  
  The stairs leading downstairs.   Feldhauptverteilergestell zu 60 Leitungen, thanks to Mr Mogens Hansen.  
  Armor doors.   Picture taken from the Führungsraum towards the Klein FLUKO Raum.  
  The frame to the Flugüberwachungs Tafel with multiple fragments of the glass.   The Geräteauswerteraum.  
  All pictures by Mr. Henk Adriaanse ©, with his kind permission via Mr. Peter Heijkoop.