Fightercontrol stations (Jägerleit Stellungen).  


Part 3



     A further development was the provision of radars to the Jägerleit Stellung.  In Denmark the radars provided were of the following types:  Freya LZ and Dreh Freya.  The Stellung could now on it's own track allied aircraft and thus without telling from the JD produce a very accurate Luftlage.  The Stellung was unable to establish the height of the allied aircraft, so the system had limited usefulness except at daytime and against The Bomber Stream, where a rough height could be assumed, and it was then left to the night fighter crew to acquire the Stream using Naxos and the on board AI-radar.
In order to compensate for the loss of territory and consequent loss of Jägerleit Stellungen a mobile Y-Linien unit was developed.  The intention was no doubt to push these units as far forward as possible in order to enable intercept control as early as possible.  Please see at the bottom of the page.  The location of a few sites have been identified please see: Stellungen Jagd Leit West.
  Jägerleit Stellung with Y-Bodenstellen, Freya EGON and Freya radars  


Fightercontrol stations, equipment (not to scale).




Heinrich Peiler, JASMIN.


Hans E-Mess Gerät, JASMIN.




Heinrich Peiler tower, light construction, commonly found in Himmelbett-Stellungen in Denmark.


Heinrich Peiler tower, heavy construction, commonly found in Y-Stellungen in Denmark.




Hans E-Mess Gerät, large mast.  Please note three legs.


Hans E-Mess Gerät, normal mast.  Please  note four supporters for the mast.






Freya EGON-Jagd, JASMIN.

  Mobile Y-Bodenstelle FuSAn 733.      
  Operator and display equipment.