Fightercontrol stations (Jägerleit Stellungen).



Part 4



  This Stellung always had a special place in my heart.  It it close to my home, it was probably the first in Denmark, purpose built to serve GYGES directly.  And Hoffmann states that a Jagdhaus was under construction here.  This has never been corroborated by any other source, but in an Annex to the Post Mortem report a Freya LZ A is mentioned.  Thanks to Mr. Niels Einer Engedal, Skelhøje new pictures have surfaced, which adds to the knowledge of the Stellung.  



Annotated aerial photo, 1945.


Enlargement of the area with the Hans and Freya LZ A.

  Heinrich Peiler tower, (Heavy version).   Hans E-Mess Gerät, large mast. Note Tower A between the legs and the Freya LZ A in the background.  To the best of my knowledge this is the first time ever, that a picture of this mast has been published.  
  The barracks area.  The building with the Splitter Mauer is probably the T-Hut.  Note Tower A and B in the background.  The picture was taken from the roof of the farm across the road.   Part of the barracks area with a Flak Tower and Tower B in the background.