Luftwaffe radar stations (Flugmeldemess-Stellungen).


Blockhäuser (Bodenwaffenbeschuss-sicher) in PFERD.






  PFERD seems to be one of the better preserved Stellungen in France.  It was visited by The Schrøder Bloodhounds (under adult supervision) and they were kind enough to share their pictures.  We have identified the below different buildings.  The designation of some is mine pending a more correct identification.  Identification of buildings thanks to Mr. Tom Oliver  navipferd.  
  Typ 42, with an add-on Luftschütz Bunker.   Typ 41.  
  Typ 59.   Typ 41.  
  "Type F".  Located close to a W-R foundation, this could be a crew-shelter.   Geschäftszimmerbaracke Typ 44.  
  "Type J".   Abort.  
  Kfz-baracke.   Wirtschaftsbaracke combined with two Mannschafts-Unterkünfte.  
  Typ 42, with an add-on Luftschütz Bunker.   Entrance to the Wirtschaftsbaracke.  

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