Fightercontrol stations (Jägerleit Stellungen).



Part 2

      Very soon after the introduction of the Y-System for Zahme Sau, the allies started to jam the frequencies utilized for control.  This must also have had some effect on the systems ability to do direction finding and ranging.  Probably as countermeasure, the Freya EGON was introduced for fighter tracking.  This radar interrogated the IFF transponder in the fighter (Bordgerät FuG25a), and thus it was possible to plot own fighters in spite of electronic jamming of radars and radios and the laying of chaff.  A number of Jägerleit Stellungen were upgraded with Freya EGON replacing Y-Bodenstellen 1 : 1.  The Freya EGON plots were displayed on the Lagekarte and forward told to the Jagddivision.  All other procedures remained unchanged.  Of special note is the provision of the wide-band Freya EGON-Jagd to ESCHE, JASMIN and GINSTER.  The Freya EGON-Jagd was equipped with the FuG 139 Barbarossa data-link system.  

Jägerleit-Stellung, notional Y and EGON site.




  Jägerleit-Stellungen in Denmark 1944 -1945.  

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