Up-dates 2007  


  2007-12-19 Added FlH Grove organisation.  
  2007-12-19 Updated Grove Part 14. Splitterboxen.  
  2007-12-07 Updated Jafü Südfrankreich.  
  2007-11-25 Added a page on possible operations with V-1s at Grove.  
  2007-10-14 Updated several bunker drawings on Grove.  
  2007-10-13 Updated Heraldics.  
  2007-10-03 Updated Flak Towers.  
  2007-10-03 Added two more bunker types at Grove.  
  2007-08-22 Added page on light Flak at Grove.  
  2007-08-17 Added Symbols used in the Lichtpunktwerfer.  
  2007-08-02 Added the Elefant radarsystem.  
  2007-08-01 Added three radarbunkers.  
  2007-07-02 Revised drawings of W-R foundations.  
  2007-06-20 Added "Funkerlied".  
  2007-05-10 Added drawing of Freya Z.  
  2007-04-10 Updated KONAJA.  
  2007-03-29 Added picture of Karl Oboe jammer and pictures of the H 43.  
  2007-03-20 Added Gef.Std. for Kommandierende General der Deutschen Luftwaffe in Dänemark.  
  2007-03-18 Added Interpretation of World War II reconnaissance photos of Fliegerhorst Grove.  
  2007-03-06 Updated Flugmeldemess Stellungen, Barracks Area and Stellungs Zentrale.  
  2007-03-02 Added Night fighter operations autumn 1943.  
  2007-02-22 Added crest of 1 JK/XII Flg.Korps.  
  2007-01-27 Added Klein Heidelberg.  
  2007-01-21 Added functions of the NJRF.  
  2007-01-20 Updated Luftwaffe Command Facilities 2.  
  2007-01-16 Adjusted the description of the organizational development.