Up-dates 2004  


  2004-11-02 Added Feldpost numbers at the bottom of the page.  
  2004-11-02 New page: Radar Splitter Mauer.  
  2004-11-03 New page: Interpretation of aerial photos.  
  2004-11-05 Names of Lft.Reich and Jafü Ostpreussen.  
  2004-11-06 Added initial location of and cross section to Lft.Reich GefStd.  
  2004-11-07 Numerous up-dates to Luftwaffe Command Facilities.  
  2004-11-09 Location of Scheinsignalrakete sites in Germany (bottom of the page).  
  2004-11-24 Revised page NJRF 101.  
  2004-11-12 Added location of GefStd NJRF 5.  
  2004-11-13 Added location of GefStd Jafü Norwegen.  
  2004-11-22 Adjusted locations of some NJRF positions and added callsigns for Fernsprechbefehlsnetz.  
  2004-11-24 Added new page on Ln-Flugmeldeabteilungen (E) z.b.V.  
  2004-11-28 Added revised location of GefStd for 3 JD  after evacuation from Deelen.  
  2004-11-28 Added new page on production of the Luftlage.  
  2004-11-29 Numerous up-dates to Luftwaffe Command Facilities.  
  2004-11-30 Jafü Südfrankreich located.  
  2004-12-03 Updated drawing of Kolding SK bunker.  
  2004-12-04 Added a page on Nachtjagdleitschiff "Togo".  
  2004-12-05 Added a page on the T-Baracke.  
  2004-12-16 Added location of Diogenes 3.  
  2004-12-17 Added Gradnetz converter.  
  2004-12-26 Added pictures of Diogenes 3.  
  2004-12-29 New location and description of the GefStd of II JK.