The Nacht Jagd Raum Führer.  

  The inception of the Nacht Jagd Raum Führer (NJRF) goes back to the establishment of the Helle Riegel, which consisted of a number of HENAJA Stellungen.  These were grouped in "boxes" (Raum) of 3 (Raum 2 and 4, however had 4) Stellungen.  Each Raum was under operational control of a NJRF, who also had operational control of a Nacht Jagd Gruppe.  Up till mid 1943 the Gruppe was as a rule stationed at the FlH where the GefStd. of the NJRF also was located, and the fighters were always controlled by the Stellungen subordinate to their parent NJRF.  The staff of the Ln.-Abt., that provided the manning for the Stellung subordinate to the NJRF, was also located on the same FlH, and the bulk of the manning of the GefStd of the NJRF GefStd was provided by a Kp. from that Abt..  The functions, span of control and area of responsibility of the NJRF was somewhat comparable to that of the RAF Sector.  From late 1943 to mid 1944 the NJRF Staffs were gradually disbanded.  
  The manning of a NJRF must have been about:  Offz: Soll 7,  Uffz/Mann.: Soll 35,  Ln-Helf.: Soll 150 - 200.  
  A functional description of a NJRF has yet to be found, but based on the documented organizational structure, numerous accounts of the WW II night air war and descriptions of the GefStd, the NJRF must have performed the following functions:  
  Production of the Luftlage based on telling from the subordinate Stellungen and possibly the FLUKOs.  
  Forward telling of the Luftlage to the JD.  
  Based on the Luftlage decide when fighters were to be scrambled and the assignment of a controlling Stellung.  This decision was probably made in concert with the Gruppe Stab, who was represented in the NJRF GefStd.  It is unclear if this was the case in all areas, but in NJRF 101 (Leeuwarden) and NJRF 5 (Venlo) it seems as if the two staffs were totally integrated.  
  Deciding where the fighters were to recover again in concert with the Gruppe Stab.  
  On 9. December 1943 I JK ordered that all NJRF Stabe should be disbanded.  Some of the functions was taken over by the Gruppe Stab.  



My present knowledge of the lay-out and functions of the GefStd of a NJRF.


Legend to the room lay-out above right: 1. Radio room, 2. Telephone room, 5. Room for NJ Gruppen Stab. 7. Rest rooms for NJ Gruppen Stab, 10. Radio room, 11. Rest rooms for radio operators (flying), 14. Rest rooms for female personnel, 16. Toilet.


As far as it can be established, the following NJRF had a GefStd with the above layout: 1,101, 104, 111 and 120.

  Map of locations.