Kriegsmarine Signals Intelligence Stations.

  MPHS Hjörring, Skibsby.  




  The crest of MPHS Hjörring.  
  The site on a modern map.   RAF aerial picture 1945.  
  1. 656.   3. Siegfred Untersand.  
  4. L 411A   5. Foundation for KW 8 U 80.  
  The hut. (Mr Mark Stannius).   The interior of the hut. (Mr Mark Stannius).  
  A mast Sockel. (Mr Mark Stannius).      
  6. Foundation for KW 4 U 80.    Foundation for KW 4 U 80 excavated (Mr. Mark Stannius).  


  A Sockel for the mast of a 4 U 80. (Mr. Mark Stannius).   Most probable a 4 U 80, please note masts.  
  7. Foundation for FuPeil A ??.      
  8. Foundation for Goldfink.   The center part of the Goldfink.  
The Z shaped barrack in the northern part of the main complex.  This building is also found in other MHPS.