Luftwaffe radar stations (Flugmeldemess-Stellungen).  


  Ln-Flum.Messzug (E) z.b.V. 16. JUNO.  

I would not hesitate to call this the "Ghost-Train".  It was established around the turn in 1943 near Paris, and was employed throughout most of the war in Western Europe.  Hoffmann makes no mention of it, nor is it depicted on any of the maps available of Flum Stellungen, and neither are any of the other trains in Western Europe.  But on the same maps the trains in Eastern Europe are depicted, so one is led to believe. that the maps are complete, which obviously they are not.  In the course of this research I have now come across L 52 662, Ln-Flum.Messzug z.b.V. 25, which has an interesting development (from Michael Holm):


2. Flugmelde-Leit-Kompanie later (11.44) moved to Donaueschingen, now controlling schwere Flugmelde-Meß-Zug zbV 25 (Stellung "Rüde") at Rührberg bei Lörrach.


Judging by the unit designation, Ln-Flum.Messzug (E) z.b.V. 16 was an independent unit, subordinated directly to XII.Flg.Korps/I JK.  All other known units, of this type, were subordinated to an Abt.  Operationally it was subordinated to the JD, in whose area it happened to operate. The train was captured by partisans in the Königgrätz area 5 MAY 1945.


The following operating locations for Ln-Flum.Messzug (E) z.b.V. 16  have been identified and thoroughly documented, the time periods are somewhat uncertain:

  Location. Period.    
  Vitry-sur-Seine. 4309 - 431024.    
  Carpentras. 431026 - 4408XX.    
  Thiel-sur-Acolin. 4408XX - 44XXXX.    
  Alstätte/Ahaus. 44XXXX - 45XXXX.    
  Wostromierz, NW of Hradec Králové. 450410 - 450508.    
      The unit Christmas Paper 1943.  
  All pictures below are © of the photographer, who served as an Obergefreiter with the unit throughout the war, and who graciously permitted publication.  
  The station in Thiel-sur-Acolin.   The Auswertung wagon.  To the best of my knowledge the first time ever a picture of this wagon has been published.  A T-Hütte on rails.  
  The Auswertung wagon, on the station of Thiel-sur-Acolin, being applied with camouflage colors.   A Würzburg-Riese on the station in Thiel-sur-Acolin.  
  Accommodation wagons at an un-identified location.  Note the W-R in the background.  The cow was part of the unit establishment and an important logistical element.   The power supply wagon. Whenever possible Ln-Stellungen (static or mobile) connected to commercial power.  
  The interior of the power supply wagon. In the foreground possibly the standby generator.   A kitchen detail in front of an accommodation and the kitchen wagon.  The latter seems to be a local add-on and it is of French origin.  A Freya can just be discerned in the background.  
  A wild boar, shot by a unit member, being skinned.  The wagon appears to be equipped with a refrigerating unit.   Another glimpse of the Auswertung.  
  JUNO in operating configuration.  Note the reflection of the Freya in the wagon windows.  This is also the first time, that it is documented, that at least one train was equipped with a Würzburg Dora.  At this time a re-fitting program was in progress, where Doras in the Himmelbett-Stellungen were replaced with Würzburg-Riese.   A picture from Vlastimil Květenský et al.: "Květen 1945 ve Východočeském kraji", Kruh, Hradec Králové 1975, page 47 of JUNO in the hands of partisans 5 May 1945, on the station of Ostroměř , just west of Hořice.  (via Mr. Michal Plavek).  Note that the Freya is equipped with the IFF antenna and the Riese Rot is equipped with the GEMA-Zusatz.  

The odyssey of JUNO.