Gefechtsstand Bunker.


The Luftnachrichten Dienst:


II Jagdkorps, Chantilly, KOMET.



  Part 1  

Part 2

  Lt. Gen. Werner Junck, Commander II Jagdkorps 15.9.43 - 30.6.44.  Date of picture 9 June 1944, the day the Gen. was awarded the Knights Cross; via Frédéric Gondron.  


Domaine des Fontaines.  The bunker is situated on the grounds of the estate.


les Fontaines.



  Location by Frédéric Gondron, "Société Historique de Gouvieux".   Aerial photo 2004, (© the WEB master of  
  les bulletins de la S.H.G.      
  Siteplan with the help of  Frédéric Gondron.  The buildings to the west are German barracks.    Post war aerial photo.  
  A post war photo. © Frédéric Gondron with his kind permission.  

Cross section.


Ground floor.




First floor.


Second floor.

  For more complete drawings and the interior layout please see: Gefechtsstand Bunker Cäsar drawing.  
  Wartime photo via Frédéric Gondron.  
      It seems as if trees have been completely up-rooted and replanted right next to the bunker.  
      An underground bunker or a underground passage?  
      Code room.  
  Radio room. Evidently housed in a wooden barrack perhaps the one above.   Ground floor of the ops.-room  



© Frédéric Gondron.


© Frédéric Gondron.

  © Frédéric Gondron.   © Frédéric Gondron.  

Is this the emergency exit?


Unknown foundation, the drawing on the right shows a reconstruction, since it seems that some blocks have been moved out of place. © Frédéric Gondron.



© Frédéric Gondron.