Gefechtsstand Bunkers.


The Luftnachrichten Dienst.


7 Jagddivision, Oberschleissheim, MINOTAURUS 1.

  Callsign for Sprechfunk: LEANDER.  

  Airfield map of Oberschleissheim with the kind permission of Guenter Braun, Bayerische-Flugzeug-Historiker e.V  




Site plan.




Photo: Bayerische-Flugzeug-Historiker e.V.


Vertical shot of the bunker (author collection).  Compare with the bunker of 4 JD.




The bunker in 1971, the windows in the ground floor have been walled up in preparation of demolition.  Herr Otto Buerger via Herr Guenter Braun.


The site today, source and copyright as indicated.



 The bunker in 1958 - 59.  Herren "Schick/Radinger/Aydin"  via Herr Guenter Braun.


Drawing of bunker. (Approximation).


     Following a heavy air attacks in the Munich area, which turned the airfield and many surroundings into a Moonscape, the bunker was abandoned at the end of July 1944 and the GefStd relocated to the GefStd of Luftgau VII.



15 AF Strike photo


7 Jagddivision, Pfaffenhofen, MINOTAURUS 2.



The location of the GefStd of Lg.VII and 7 JD in the school Haus der Begegnung.





Haus der Begegnung.